See the Unseen™

The NIGHTDRIVER™ system is an innovative safety feature that makes nighttime driving safer than ever. NIGHTDRIVER™ lets you see in the dark up to 5 times farther than your headlights can reach. With more reaction time, you can avoid dangerous conditions that would otherwise be invisible until the last moment.

In addition to its “see in the dark” capability, NIGHTDRIVER™ helps you see past the glare of headlights from oncoming traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get NIGHTDRIVER™ for my vehicle? Yes!
Currently, NIGHTDRIVER is available as an aftermarket accessory on the HUMMER H1, H2 and Fleetwood Motor Homes or as a dealer option on the Cadillac Deville (Night Vision). New for 2004, now you can also purchase aftermarket kits and system components from the Highway Safety Group.

This is just the beginning of safer night driving because many more manufacturers have already chosen Raytheon's NightDriver™ as their next generation vehicle safety enhancement.

How is NIGHTDRIVER™ different than other “night vision” technologies?
Many night vision systems magnify low levels of available light such as moonlight or street lamps. Unfortunately these systems are dependent on the external light source and they can actually be “blinded” by intense light sources such as vehicle headlights. NIGHTDRIVER™, on the other hand, works well regardless of light conditions. To learn more about NIGHTDRIVER™ technology, click here.

Will it really make a big difference? How much reaction time will I gain?
The answers are “yes” and “a lot.” Specifically, at 60 miles per hour, your normal headlights give you about 3.5 seconds to react. Cadillac DeVille drivers report that NIGHTVISION gives them up to 15 seconds to react to potential dangers.


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